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An Amazing Year of Success for EFRA Racers

As you probably know already, last weekend we celebrated two NEW World Championship-winning racers among the ranks of European racers: Michal Orlowski from Poland and Max Machler from Germany last weekened took home well-deserved IFMAR Worlds titles in 1/12th Open Modified and 1/12th Spec, respectively, earning congratulations and plaudits from fellow racers and everyone in the RC racing community!

EFRA racers have dominated the Worlds racing action this year, taking multiple World Champion and World Cup trophies in 2023! In fact, of the 7 available World Champion and World Cup titles available this year, European racers took 6 first place trophies!

IFMAR GT8 World Champion
Tony Gruber

IFMAR GT8E World Cup Champion
Jorn Neumann

IFMAR 1/10th Electric Buggy 4WD World Champion
Davide Ongaro

IFMAR 1/8 IC Track World Champion
Dario Balestri

IFMAR 1/12 Open World Champion
Michal Orlowski

IFMAR 1/12 Spec World Champion
Max Machler

In 2024, European racers will be defending 3 World Champion titles won in 2022 – out of 4 available!

2022 IFMAR 1/8th IC Off-Road World Champion
Davide Ongaro

2022 IFMAR Large Scale Touring Car World Champion
Markus Feldmann

2022 IFMAR Electric Touring Car World Champion
Bruno Coelho

For those of you not counting, EFRA racers currently hold EIGHT OUT OF TEN available World Champion titles! What a truly awesome achievement!

For sure we can say that an extremely strong racing scene backed up by racing family, friends, as well as European-based manufacturers and suppliers have helped in this success. We must thank all of you for supporting the European RC racing community and helping make these World Champions the winners they are today!

Everyone at EFRA is extremely proud of this success and of our racers – long may it continue!

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