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The EFRA AGM (Annual General Meeting) is in full swing in Malmö with a good turnout of federations and representatives (we even had to add more tables and chairs!). The AGM is an important event in the EFRA calendar where all federations and members present their proposals for rule changes and other initiatives. Once proposals are presented and discussed, national federations alone (not the EFRA board) discuss proposals and cast their votes! EFRA board members are very rarely required to cast the deciding vote in the case of a tie.

Today (Saturday) saw the general topics presented to all delegates with sections (the various Racing classes) splitting into breakout rooms to focus on specific changes related to their own sections.

Sunday AM will see the remaining and any other business topics discussed in the main room.

Here’s what we have so far:

(please note that the minutes of the various meetings will contain the specific technical details of the rules changes below)

1/8 Buggy

  • Masters 40+ will use a spec tyre
  • An official driver ranking system will be used for European drivers participating in EFRA & IFMAR events
  • Electric event winners who win after the A1 and A2 Finals will not be allowed to race in the A3 Final
  • Racers in the EC (European Championships) will now be split in groups of 24 drivers instead of 36 drivers
  • The minutes for this meeting are available here (PDF)

Large Scale

  • LSTC (Large Scale Touring Car) will split into 2 classes:
    • Sport class using standard Zenoah engines
    • Open class allowing any size flywheel
  • LSTC will now use round-by-round qualifying
  • LSTC will now have 20-minute Semifinals
  • LSTC has new bodyshell rules to allow and encourage newer, modern bodies
  • LSTC will now have a maximum of 3 GP races each year
  • The minutes for this meeting are available here: (PDF)

1/8 Track, 1/10 Track, GT8, GT8E

  • European Championship races will now run over 4 days, from Wednesday to Saturday
  • Superpole qualifying for the Main Final has been voted out, with the top 4 racers now promoted directly into the Main Final
  • The EFRA GP Series has been canceled
  • Wet cars are now allowed in GT8 and GT8E
  • Rolling starts for Qualifying (as opposed to staggered pit lane starts) are now official
  • Body weights for 1/10 TC and GT8 have increase to 90g and 250g respectively
  • The minutes for this meeting are available here (PDF)

Electric Sections (1/10 TC, 1/12 Track, 1/10 Off Road)

  • Vote of no confidence in the Chairman was not seconded and therefore dismissed
  • Paul Worsely re-elected as Chairman of the Section
  • New Vice-Chairman voted in: Nuno Casak Rubeiro (from FEPRA, Portugal)
  • Electric event winners who win after the A1 and A2 Finals will still be allowed to race in the A3 Final
  • The minutes for this meeting are available here (PDF)


General Meeting minutes are available here (PDF)


The provisional Race Calendar for 2024: EFRA Race Calendar v4 2024

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